5 tips on getting started in the Locksmith Industry

1. Research. Where do you live ? Is a license Locksmith appicable to where you live? For example : in Florida you don’t need a licence to become a locksmith in Ohio you need a 2 year college type course to get a locksmith license in that state. Some states you can’t walk around with basic lock picks some don’t care. Do your research.

2. What feild or locksmithing do you want to get into? Automotive? Commercial residential? Safes? Roadside assistance? Access control? Different skills will apply to different types of locksmithing. Do you like electronics? Access control or automotive may be best for you. Do you like to pick locks? Residential work would be great. Think of becoming a locksmith as becoming a Super Hero. It’s up to you to figure out how you want to specialize.

3. Becoming an apprentice is the best way to become a locksmith. You need to learn from someone else hands on in person. Online training and self taught training just won’t do it.
becoming an apprentice varies from each person and company but I can tell you that having experience and doing research. Will help you. Go to a local locksmith and just ask to help out around the shop ask about covering the night shift for lockouts. Ask about just cutting keys and than can me your first step into the industry. This can

4. Expectations of day to day work. Everyday varies one day I might rekey a few cell phone stores around town. The next day I’m just unlocking cars all day. next I’m installing a wifi lock at a customers Air BNB. Alot of guys I know do a little bit of everything. If I go and rekey a customers business they will usually ask about car keys. It you can do it all it’s a easy upsale and no pressure. Customers call us with a need and we provide a solution. It’s not rocket scienxe some locksmith struggle but that’s because they are both up to date with current technology and marketing practices. If you know PPC, SEO, SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING. this will all help you get jobs. With all that said if you don’t know how to market you will sink. The locksmith industry is very competitive but still small enough for new guys to get in. But it will take time. You won’t become rich overnight but if you keep at it you can create a great career

5. Customers. Customers can make or break a career. It’s acutally why I don’t mind being a hobbyist game developer gamers are mean and ruthless. Locksmith customers are happy and appreciative. The customers are the best part of the job. I have tons of stories of helping people out. An older women is locked out and her kids are happy I took care of her without price gouging. After the hurricanes alot of people need help for varies reasons. Once guys car got flooded and locked down all the electronics. We had to unlock it manually. I have a set price to drill out storage locks and get alot of work doing that. I have a very happy storage facility owner who is a customer that provides me jobs. I would say 85% of customers are awesome. The 15% are from jobs that are shitty by nature. People that are being evicted and the locksmith is called while the sherriff is there to change locks. Those jobs pay good but you gotta be ready for that mentally.

Bonus: I never wanted to be a locksmith I went to school for video game production. Failed at making Video games and became a locksmith apprectice at 27….I’m 30 now and I’m doing so much better for myself my family my kids and even my game development. There no pressure to succeed anymore in that….now it’s just fueled by creativity.

Good lucks guys

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